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Psychopharmacology Specialist

Muhammad Zeshan, MD -  - Child and Adult Psychiatric Care

Inside Out CURE

Muhammad Zeshan, MD

Child and Adult Psychiatric Care & ADHD Specialist located in Princeton, NJ

Psychopharmacology is often a critical part of treatment plans for mental health conditions. At Inside Out, in Princeton, New Jersey, Muhammad Zeshan, MD, offers medication management services in-person and via telemedicine. They include medicines in multidisciplinary treatment plans for mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Call Inside Out CURE or schedule an appointment online today for expert psychopharmacology services.

Psychopharmacology Q&A

What is psychopharmacology?

Psychopharmacology uses psychoactive or psychotropic medications to treat mental health conditions. The drugs regulate your brain chemistry to adjust your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

At Inside Out, Dr. Zeshan monitors your response to medication carefully. You have a follow-up appointment approximately a month after you start taking medicine. Depending on your needs, you might continue to have monthly medication management appointments, or you might have less frequent check-ups. 

What conditions improve with psychopharmacology?

There are several different types of medications for mental health conditions, as well as various types of related medicines. For example, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors are just two of at least 10 different types of antidepressants.

Antidepressants relieve depression and anxiety symptoms. Anti-anxiety medicines relieve anxious thoughts and emotions and reduce agitation and insomnia.

Dr. Zeshan might prescribe mood-stabilizing drugs to level out the emotional peaks and valleys of bipolar disorder. Your doctor might prescribe antipsychotic medication to relieve schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. There are stimulant and non-stimulant options for ADHD.

What should I expect while taking medicine for a mental health condition?

Don’t lose hope if your medicine doesn’t provide immediate relief. Most medications for mental health conditions take several weeks to build up in your system and reach the desired results. In most cases, your symptoms subside gradually, and you might not be able to pinpoint the exact moment you feel better.

Dr. Zeshan gives you customized advice on what to expect from your medication. He discusses any potential side effects as some drugs could cause temporary side effects as you get used to the medicine or longer-lasting results.

What should I do if my medication doesn’t work?

Talk to Dr. Zeshan about your concerns regarding the effectiveness of your prescription. Many patients try a couple of different medications or doses before finding the correct dose of the best drug to alleviate their symptoms. If you have any reactions to the medicine, make sure to mention them during your medication management appointment.

If you are concerned about a mental health condition and want expert psychopharmacology services, call Inside Out or schedule a consultation online today.