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The Parent's Roadmap to Helping Your Child Finish the School Year Strong and Confident

Finishing the School year strong
As the school year winds down and the prospect of summer vacation glimmers on the horizon, parents—and their children—face a unique set of challenges. Maintaining focus in these final weeks can be a test of resilience and patience for the whole family. Through my experience as a parent coach and a certified Maxwell Leadership coach, alongside my specialty in infant and toddler psychiatry, I've come to understand the importance of nurturing not just the mind, but the spirit of our children as we guide them across the finish line of the academic year.

First and foremost, it's essential to embody a positive attitude. I often remind families that optimism at home can be mirrored by children. Reflect on the year's journey with your child, emphasizing the growth and the perseverance they've demonstrated. Throughout my practice, encouraging families to adopt this uplifting perspective has often helped diffuse tension and supported children in their final push.

Communication with your child's teachers is also paramount. In my professional capacity, collaborating with educators has been a cornerstone of ensuring children's needs are fully understood and met. I urge you to keep that dialogue open; it's a partnership that can foster your child's success, particularly during these high-pressure times.

Introducing a reward system can be a little spark of extra motivation for your child. Reflecting on my coaching experiences, I've seen firsthand the positive effects of acknowledging children's efforts with meaningful incentives. Whether it's a favorite activity or a simple treat, these rewards can serve as tangible recognition of their hard work.

Moreover, the importance of breaks cannot be overstated. In my dual roles, I often highlight the value of balance—allowing children to indulge in their hobbies and interests gives them a chance to recharge. It's crucial for maintaining their overall well-being and focus as they conclude their academic responsibilities.

Lastly, the celebration of accomplishments, big or small, is a powerful tool. In my work with families, I've seen the glow of pride in a child's eyes that comes from their parents' recognition. Their hard work deserves acknowledgment. It builds confidence and instills a sense of achievement that can embolden them through the final days of school and into the summer.

Remember, dear parents, that as you guide your child through these last few weeks of school, your support, open communication, and encouragement are invaluable. By incorporating these tips rooted in my professional insight and personal commitment to serving whole families, you can ensure your child not only finishes the school year strong but carries with them the lessons and confidence of a job well done.

Together, let's continue to nurture our children's love for learning and celebrate each step they take towards growth—readying them for the joy and freedom of the upcoming summer break.


Dr. Muhammad Zeshan Headshot Dr. Muhammad Zeshan My name is Muhammad Zeshan, MD, and I am a Harvard trained infant, child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist at Inside Out, a private practice based in Princeton, New Jersey. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School-Newark, New Jersey. Through Inside Out CURE, my focus is to help individuals become more Compassionate, Understanding, and aware of their inner strength and vulnerabilities, while developing Resilience and Empathy. I offer a variety of mental health care services to all age groups (infancy through adulthood) by applying principals of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, positive psychology, family therapy, parent-child intervention therapy, pharmacology, and neuroscience.

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